ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — This spring, construction started on a new expanded space at the back of the Culver Road Armory.

According to public documents from the city of Rochester, the one-story structure is about 17,000 sq. ft. Thursday, News 8 learned of one business that is going in the new space, Lumos Infrared Sauna.

They will be moving from their current Armory space into this new one, and are looking to be open by November. Lumos is an infrared sauna studio.

It’s a therapy process that owner Rachel Bantelman-Evans describes as using a combination of red and other kinds of light and sauna.

“While you’re in, it works to raise your core temperature by about one to three degrees,’ Bantelman-Evans said. “And in response to that, your body starts to work to cool itself, which is in turn, ignites and really helps offer all the health benefits that (it) can offer.”

She was a basketball player at the University of Buffalo, and says this therapy helped her deal with career-ending injuries and nagging aches and pains… So, she started this business to help others.

Lumos has six locations across the Rochester and Buffalo areas, and once they make the move to this new Culver Road Armory Location, they will expand their services, and it will become their flagship store.

“It offered a perfect sweet spot of square footage so that we can expand here, because during our busier months, our studio is full,” she said. “So, we (will) be able to add several rooms, offering 10 rooms, four of which will have the contrast capacity, with the cold and hot.”