ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A new coffee shop is now open in East Rochester!

The coffee shop is called Luigis and it is one of the few local cafes in the entire town. Since they’ve opened, they often have lines leading out the door.

Kris Weltman is the owner of Vite Bella Organic Salon in East Rochester. For her, a good cup of coffee is organic and local, brewed expertly with good, simple ingredients.

“I’ve owned the hair salon for seven years, and always wanted a good cup of coffee on the way to work,” said Weltman. “And I always wished East Rochester had something.”

In October, she put on her barista apron and opened Luigis, right next to the salon. This is the first time she’s worked in a coffee shop and she splits her time between it and the salon.

So far, she’s exceeded her goals of not only serving great coffee, but also pastries, imported Italian espresso, and Chai Guy Chai — all while preserving some East Rochester Italian heritage.

“We really need some good businesses in east Rochester, and we’re just looking to have something that the locals can come in and enjoy and get to know everybody,” she said.