EAST ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — With the PGA Championship in town, the former co-owners of the iconic Northside Inn in East Rochester are bringing back a bit of nostalgia.

For years, the walls of The Northside, the longtime Italian family restaurant known for its ties to professional golf in the community, were adorned with framed photographs of memories past.

In the coming days, those pictures will return to customers at the existing location, now Lucca’s Northside Kitchen.

In September 1995, the staff at The Northside welcomed the Ryder Cup team for their official team dinner. Then co-owners, brothers Don and Dennis Verni, say it was a career highlight.

“We had the caddies here. We had the players here. It was just fantastic. For golfers like us, we were in dream land,” said Don Verni, former co-owner of The Northside.

Through word of mouth, The Northside became a staple for golfers from all over the world, including the various PGA Championships.

The restaurant’s interior was filled with memories from Oak Hill. Now, those memories will return to customers at Lucca’s.

Owner Matthew Gervasi says it was a must.

“When customers come back, everyone asks about the golf pictures,” said Gervasi, “We’re kind of a landmark in this area for that stuff. This place was known as ‘the home of the champions’ for 50 years. It kind of goes hand in hand.”

The Vernis say the frames, while on display throughout this week, will go up for sale to interested buyers.

“Hopefully when they see them, they’ll mean as much to them as they have to us over the years. A lot of great memories,” said Don Verni.

“We’re not looking to make money on the pictures, but if some people want to take them home, they are more than welcome to take them home,” said Dennis Verni, former co-owner of The Northside.

While the brothers enjoy retirement, they say they do have plans to watch some of the tournament this year. However, this time, they’ll be watching in person.

“Well, now we’ve got free time,” they said.

The frames and plaques will be re-installed at Lucca’s in East Rochester through PGA Championship Sunday.