GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — The town of Greece has a new bakery, Go Frost Yourself. The new place is in a familiar location, the former Something Delicious Bakeshop. The shop was formerly owned by two former Food Network contestants, Mina Rizavfar and Phil Tomasso.

The bakery — located at 2544 Ridgeway Avenue — offers cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and goodies all of kinds. They also take custom and catering orders.

Founder Mollie Recktenwald says her passion started for baking and frosting started when she was a kid.

“My grandma used to bake with us when we were little,” Recktenwald said. “I was four and eating more frosting than I probably should have.”

That homemade approach has stayed with her – she jokes that she never measures her vanilla. That passion for baking would stay with her as a teenager.

She started working at various bakeries, including one in Rochester. As she developed her recipes, she started to put them on her Instagram.

But soon, she knew she had to strike it out on her own and start a business. So she brought her friend and soon to business partner, Jennifer Donnelly, along for the ride.

“I met her a year and a half ago working at a bakery in Rochester,” Donnelly said. “When she moved to Albion to work, she said it was something she needed help with, and [she would want] to do it with me.”

Now they are in Rochester, taking over a Rochester staple. But despite being open for less than a week, Go Frost yourself is making a name for itself in this new community.

“We like to say we do American baking with a European twist,” Recktenwald said, describing how their recipes rely on less sugar, fewer processed goods, and locally sourced when possible.

Her desire to stay local comes from her own experience as a former home baker, and how she wants to give back after the support she’s gotten.

“The community itself has really supported us so far,” Recktenwald said.