Canandaigua brewery trying to ‘Save the Music’ for customers

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A lakeshore brewery in Canandaigua started a campaign after complaints from nearby residents forced them to quiet down their live music.

The campaign is called “Save the Music,” and it’s an effort to keep their eight-year-long tradition of hosting live bands going. They say the issue started when a new hotel and condos became occupied this spring.

Twisted Rail Brewing Company in Canandaigua has been renting out the Muar House to live bands both acoustic and amplified since 2016. Co-owner Ian Boni says amplified bands are now a problem, with the new hotel and condos opening up next door.

“We’ve gotten some complaints by a couple that’s living over there and sent it all the way up to city council, which is our landlord here.”

But they say losing the live music hurts business. They say it’s amplified music that draws in their customers and they’re not the only ones in the area to have this kind of live music.

“It’s kind of an integral part to the brewing and the taproom scene. A lot of breweries here in town, the Peacemaker, Young Lion, Naked Dove, we all have live music acts as well as Jose Willie’s down the street – Finger Lakes Public House. Everyone’s afforded under the rights of noise ordinances to that music between certain hours of the day. And it really is bringing a draw of people down here to the lake front. They actually have music next door at the hotel, so it’s kind of tit for tat.”

The City of Canandaigua responded saying it was actually in the Twisted Rail’s rental lease all along that amplified music is not allowed on the property, just no one complained until now. They said the following:

In short, Twisted Rail rents the Muar House which is a City owned facility. This lease began in 2016 and was signed by the current owners and operators of Twisted Rail. The lease has always contained a provision for no amplified music. This is a provision in the lease that we have not enforced due to zero complaints/issues. However, with the opening of Hotel Canandaigua and residents now living in the condos, we have received several complaints relative to the noise level from the live music at Twisted Rail. We have been actively working with Twisted Rail to find a compromise to allow for music/amplified music while also addressing the concerns raised by residents and will continue to seek a resolution that works for all parties.

Boni says he understands the city’s stance, as it is difficult to make all parties happy. He and his brewing company have been working with City Management to come up with a compromise to either shut down live music earlier than the sound ordinance or lower the decibel level. He says they tried to amend the lease with City Council Tuesday but were shut down.

Twisted Rail Brewing Company currently has a petition up on Facebook to try to continue having live music. You can click here to sign.