ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester-based tech company Linton Crystal Technologies announced on Tuesday that they will be producing semiconductor and solar manufacturing equipment — expanding its workforce and creating new jobs.

According to Linton, the company will establish a new manufacturing center to build the new equipment and is developing a service team to support customers around the world.

The company is investing $10 million for the new facility, production and demonstration of equipment, and construction of production capacity by the end of year one.

Linton added that this expansion will grow the workforce to include over 75 employees. The company’s goal is to exceed its employment numbers in 2008 when it had almost 200 employees in the workforce.

Linton President and CEO Todd Barnum partly attribute this expansion to the passing of the CHIPS Act.

“This creates more opportunities for our employees, new employees, and their families,” Barnum said. “The IRA and CHIPS Act have created the pathway for manufacturing investment to fulfill the need for U.S.-made products. We’re going to meet that demand and we have the expertise to scale rapidly.”

Linton Crystal Technologies plans to break ground on this expansion in the second quarter of 2023.