ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Buffalo was hit hard with snow – but here in the greater Rochester area — we’ve seen hardly any this year. For many businesses that may depend on snow — this can be a struggle.

This season has not quite been the winter wonderland some residents were hoping for.

Without snow — snowmobiling, sledding, and winter activities many businesses rely on, have been put on hold. And in recent weeks, the rain doesn’t help either. Businesses like Greystone Tubing are facing those problems while keeping operations open. Director of Golf at Greystone Tubing Dusty Odenbach says days like Wednesday are their worst-case scenario. They say they are able to weather warm temperatures well, but once rain hits, the snow starts to disappear. And when people look out the window and don’t see snow on the ground, they’re often not thinking of snow tubing or skiing.

Now that the storm in Buffalo and holidays have passed, businesses depending on snow equipment sales are waiting for their next busy period too. Sales Manager at Brodner Equipment Mike Baum says one of their winter staples is their snow blowers. He says they’ve been able to help out with the storm in Buffalo by sending equipment that way, but now that the storm is over, they’re experiencing a lull until the next spike in business comes.

Although the lack of snow this year is causing some problems, Bristol Mountain and Greystone Tubing say they’re still open. That’s because even with bad weather, they’re able to keep operations open with the snow they make themselves. Vice President of Bristol Mountain Steven Fuller says they have plenty of snow right now and will be fine over the next couple of days until colder weather comes in. Greystone Tubing also has snow machines. Dusty Odenbach there says each one can generate about 85 gallons of water per minute, and they have four of them.

Despite what it may look like outside, those at Bristol Mountain and Greystone Tubing encourage folks to come out as they are still open. Especially if you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, those at Bristol Mountain say it’s a good time to learn. Greystone Tubing is open Thursday and Friday nights, as well as all day Saturday and Sunday throughout the winter. You can reserve a spot on their website and Bristol Mountain has more information on their website.