FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — Fairport’s ‘Landing Bar and Grille’ has been around for over 18 years and proves to be a staple in the community with their live band performances and specialty nights. However, now the long-time Fairport business is getting the boot unless the owner can manage to find a way around his current lease situation.

A few months ago, Owner John Pierri found out his landlord won’t be giving him the option to renew his lease.

“I’ve been informed that I will not have a lease renewal and I have no real good reason why,” Pierri said.

Pierri said his establishment was owned by Airy Developments for most of the time he has been at this location, but in 2017, the ownership was switched over to Fairport Landing LLC.

“Unbeknownst to us, we didn’t even know that was going down. I don’t understand why it wasn’t made public. So maybe other entities could bid on the property instead of only one person,” Pierri said.

The bar owner said had he known about the switch and had the property’s sale been made public; he may not be in his current situation.

“The wording of this when it comes to commercial retail leasing, I think there needs to be a total reform of how these leases are written because many of these leases as a tenant, you have very few rights. The landlords have the majority of the say, and I don’t believe that’s right. It has to be somewhat of an equal playing field so that both parties can be negotiating on what and how these leases need to be,” Pierri said.

Now Pierri has to fight the potential of having to pack up and leave, but he says he’s already been through the wringer. Between the pandemic, outdoor construction, and the Fairport lift bridge closure, he says his business has suffered enough.

“I don’t think it’s fair. I really don’t,” Pierri said. “I’m not speaking for myself, I’m speaking for a lot of small businesses that are tired of getting beat up, we’re tired. We want to be able to run our businesses in a normal fashion so that we can survive, our families can survive, our employees can survive.”

Pierre said he wants to stay and finish out the legacy he has started in Fairport, and so do his customers including Ronnie Dietrich and Bill Moriarty.

“It’s home. Now I got to try to find someplace that’s close. But there is nothing in Fairport like this place. Not one thing like this,” Dietrich said.

“I really think that the Landing is a treasure of Fairport. It’s been here for almost two decades and it’s just a great gathering spot,” Moriarty said. “I frequent other bars and restaurants, but this is my favorite. And I think it’s going to be a shame if this does not continue anymore.”

News 8 did reach out to Fairport Landing LLC and the Village of Fairport for comment. They have yet to respond.