ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — We’re learning more about where Micron’s investment is going, and how it will reach the Rochester region.

On Thursday, Governor Kathy Hochul’s office announced that Micron plans to invest $250 million dollars in the Green Chips Community Investment Fund. That’s a $500 million dollar fund to support workforce development, education, and other initiatives in New York State, all to ensure we lead the way in the semiconductor industry.

The Rochester region will see this investment over time, in the form of jobs and STEM education, said Bob Duffy, CEO of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

“You have RIT, we have U of R, 19 colleges and universities here,” said Duffy. “High-level jobs, coming from higher education, you have the PhDs and engineers, you have the construction jobs, huge amounts of construction jobs.”

The industry is booming because there’s a large demand right now for memory chips used in cars, sensing technologies, and more.

Matthew Hurlbut, President, and CEO of Greater Rochester Enterprise said New York is leading the way in the competition to create these chips; and not just nationally.

“This is about a global competition,” said Hurlbut. “So it’s very important for the future of the United States,” he said.

He says here in the Rochester region, we have our own expansions in the works.

For example, Corning’s location in Fairport on O’Conner Rd created over 200 new jobs within the next 5 years.

“270 jobs to be created over a five-year period, and that company is a state-of-the-art company,” said Hurlbut.

The headquarters is located in Assemblymember Jen Lunsford’s district.

“We are really well-placed here, because of our domination in the optics area,” said Lunsford. “Those semi-conductor chips they make in Syracuse can flow right down here to Fairport and get quality tested.”

Lunsford co-sponsored the Green CHIPS Act.

“That wasn’t for Micron specifically but Micron will certainly qualify for those tax incentives,” said Lunsford. “It was an enormous tax incentive bill, between the Green CHIPS bill and the CHIPS act federally, there is a lot of monetary incentive to bring those dollars here, and I know Senator Chuck Schumer was instrumental.”

Leaders said Micron will create 45,000 new jobs over 20 years; 9,000 campus jobs and the rest community-based.

Duffy said this can range from in-person to remote work, engineering jobs, construction, and more.