GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — A historical building in Greece, the Pollock House, has new owners: Upstate Roots Design, an interior design company that works both with realtors and residents.

The company will not only run its business through this historical home on Greece Road but will also honor the roots of the old cobblestone.

Upstate Roots Design says that when they work with their residential clients, they make a house feel more like home, by blending their client’s history with their present.

“We get to meet our clients, get to know them on a more personal level, understand their life, and put together a plan to help them fall in love with their home,” said one of the co-founders, Kristin Lindley.

Lindley started the business with Meagan Baker in 2018. They were running Upstate Roots Design out of their homes and other locations. But soon came the time for their own home.

“We spend all of our time working with our clients to make their properties home, and we wanted wherever we landed to feel special,” Baker said.

But after a few years, nothing fit the bill, until they found an old cobblestone — the Pollock House — in 2021, of the few left in Greece that was right at home.

“I grew up driving by this property my whole life,” Baker said.

The Pollock House is now home to Upstate Roots. The two credit the previous owners for their own work to maintain the space, but are ready to make it their own

Doing to their business, what they do for others, by combining its history, with their present.

“Our goal is to uphold the integrity of the home, anything we do to feel authentic here,” Lindley said. “Whatever we do… We want to make (it) feel like they’ve always been here.”

“We really do hope to cater and pull in people from all parts of Rochester,” Baker said.

Baker and Lindley say they are hoping to be open to the community by the summer. And while they are looking to upgrade the interior, the impeccable cobblestone front will remain.