ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Golden Supply Co. & Manufacturing, a Rochester business that handmakes men’s apparel, goods, pennant, t-shirts, sweaters, embroidered apparel, and even custom work — has moved and expanded.

Their original location was on Monroe Ave., and their new location is at 210 South Ave. in Rochester, around the corner from Fuego Coffee and across the way from the Rochester Skatepark.

Even after only one year, they needed to expand.

“It was 1,200 sq ft so it was very small for having sewing machines,” said one of the three co-founders, Erick Florez, of the old location. “Then we got bigger, and then we got more orders and it just got really crowded and cramped.”

Florez says having production visible to the customer adds trust, and instills pride in the time and workmanship.

Golden Supply Co., started when the three co-founders met, and realized they could combine their talents.

“(We said), why don’t we have a store showcase each brands’ goods, and we were like: ‘wait a second, this makes sense it clicks,'” Adam Scheffler said, who was hard at work embroidering a shirt, a process he likens to painting words on fabric. so that’s how golden supply co, was formed from that.”

Their talents come with something else too: Pride in Rochester. Whether it’s including Rochester iconography, the name, or memes, or supporting the community.

“I love (Rochester), to build the community, community for us is key, we love keeping everything in Rochester, and really bringing something cool (here),” co-founder Dalvin Potter said.