GATES, N.Y. (WROC) — The Amazon Warehouse that was scheduled to open this September on Manitou Road is facing delays, according to Gates Town Supervisor Cosmo Giunta.

News 8 spoke to Giunta for a status update on the project, who said the opening day could be pushed back 6 months or even a year.

“I would assume by next year this will be fully functional and operational,” he said.

The reason for the delay has to do with supply chain issues.

“I can only assume they’re running into the same issues everyone is running into with supply chains, getting certain pieces of equipment,” he said, with some pieces of equipment taking several months to arrive.

Giunta said next week, a walkthrough is scheduled to assess the status of the project. The building looks mostly complete from the outside, but the inside needs some more work, he said.

The project was announced in the fall of 2020. The goal is to ultimately bring over a thousand jobs, with hopes that the surrounding area will flourish.

“The trickle-down effect,” said Giunta. “Bringing housing, people moving into the town as well, businesses around there too.”

While the wait was not part of the original plan, Giunta said it’s a wait he’s more than willing to deal with for what’s to come.

“When you’re talking about bringing 1,000 plus jobs, I would imagine you’re going to get them from all over Monroe County,” he said.

And why Amazon?

“That’s the way the economy is, what people are doing; shopping online,” he said. “If you or myself order, we’ll probably get same-day delivery, as long as product is housed in their warehouse. It is a 2.6 million square foot facility, they’re going to be able to house many products there, even products from perhaps a local vendor.”

News 8 reached out to Amazon for comment and is awaiting a response.