ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Last week, the Firing Pin store and shooting range in Bergen caught fire Friday evening. Details about the fire were limited, but the owner discussed the incident and the future of the store.

Brandon Lewis is the owner of the Firing Pin and said that the fire started in the shooting range, but he has no idea what caused the fire. He says that everyone made it out safely, but the shooting range was completely destroyed.

The inside of the store is covered in insulation as flakes and ceiling tiles coat many of the shelves, tables, and floors inside the building. Outside the building sits a pile of burnt rubble and various destroyed items. The top of the building appears to be charred due to the fire.

Lewis says that the store will most likely be demolished, but he says that they will work on rebuilding the store and the shooting range. He offered his thanks to the community for reaching out to him.

“Our customers are amazing and we say here that we’re the Firing Pin, but they’re the Firing Pin just as much,” Lewis said. “We wouldn’t be here without them and the community that has grown around us is truly impressive.”

He added, “The shooting range completely destroyed. I think, in my non-professional opinion, the store is also going to have to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch. Again, we’re just so thankful no one was injured.”

In regards to firearms, Lewis says that all of the firearms and most of the ammunition were recovered from the store, but urges customers who purchased one to reach out to him.

“The firearms themselves are fine. But unfortunately, the paperwork that was tied with them has been destroyed or suffered severe water damage from the firefighting efforts. So, some of that information has been lost so we do ask if you know you had a firearm here, especially a transfer, reach out, and send us your information and your phone number so we can make sure we get that to you,” said Lewis.

For customers looking to work towards their certification, the store will remain open in a limited capacity. The business is working towards having a mobile shooting range to operate classes.

“As far as the classes, I think those can continue uninterrupted. It might be a slight disruption of firearms… There are people who showed up on Saturday with their coupon from the Clerk’s office to get their handgun and unfortunately that’s gonna be a little bit before we can handle those but we’re working with local partners in the industry to alleviate that stress and see what we can do about transferring some stuff,” said Lewis.

The Bergen Fire Department is currently investigating the cause of the fire.