SCOTTSVILLE, N.Y. (WROC) — Stokoe Farms is nearing the end of their fall season, and they say that it’s been a rainy one.

Julia Izzo, Director of Customer and Staff Experience at Stokoe Farms says, “Definitely has put a damper on some of the fun here on the farm.”

Stokoe Farms’ last day for Harvest Fest is Sunday. All season, they’ve seen a wet trend. Izzo says that last year, it was in the 70s and 80s for temperatures in most of October. This year looks different.

“It’s never been a full wash out, but it’s been enough rain to definitely keep the crowds away,” Izzo says.

Visitors say they wanted to be able to enjoy the last weekend of the Harvest Fest, and according to the radar, Saturday might be the best day to do it.

“If I didn’t buy tickets and know what the weather was going to be today, I probably wouldn’t have come here today because of it, but tickets were bought,” Gates resident Antoine Jeffries says. “They’re only good until tomorrow and tomorrow’s going to be worse, so we decided to come today and enjoy it.”

For those who make it a point to come here multiple times every year, this is the first time they are getting out to enjoy the pumpkin patch. According to Briggs Krzemien, it’s the best one around.

“My favorite part about the fall is the pumpkin patches and sometimes; you know this is probably one of the best pumpkin patches out there; and sometimes the rain makes it kind of sad,” Krzemien says.

“Just because it was so cloudy and rainy, it just kind of ruins the experience,” Allison Vogl says.

If you weren’t able to make it out to the farm, Izzo says don’t worry. They have a plan for the un-used tickets.

“At this point, we are honoring this year’s tickets for next September as well, just because we’ve had so many days that have been chilly, windy, and rainy,” Izzo says.

Stokoe Farms is gearing up for the holiday season with their U-Pick Christmas trees and of course many more activities.