Canandaigua-based company Select Fabricators making big moves in big tech


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — There are many companies here in the Rochester region, some you may know about, others you may not.

One of those companies you may not have heard of is called Select Fabricators, based out of Canandaigua. The company’s president, Andrew Pluta, and CEO Tim Ansaldi, came to the News 8 studio to tell us a little more about their enterprise.

Lia: Tell us about your company and what you do — what products you make?

Andrew: So, we make an R.F. EMI Shielded Enclosure. We sell it to a lot of cool companies that you probably have heard of, like Google, Apple, Samsung, Intel — large technology firms and also to the government and military. Our product, they will use it to block out radio frequency waves and electromagnetic interference. So the tech firms. They use it for EMC testing, that’s electromagnetic compatibility, and the government will use it for a lot of secure communication type reasons.

Lia: We’ve heard about a couple of those.

Andrew: Yeah, a couple of those.

Lia: So why do they need a product like this? Obviously we know that secure communication is essential, but how does your product fit into the grand scheme of that?

Andrew: So when any company puts a new product out to the market, they’ll need to do some EMC testing and that’s that electromagnetic compatibility and it will need to comply with the FCC. In order to do that, they need to do some expensive testing. They’ll take one of our products, they will do that testing in house to make sure that everything’s kind of buttoned up before they go to that compliance stage.

Lia: So Tim, talk about your current growth. What’s driving it?

Tim: More and more devices are connected with the internet of things and other technologies that allow all different devices to be connected through wireless signals so all the companies that are developing these devices need to test them. A lot of times they’ll be using our enclosures to test those.

Lia: what’s the pitch for your product to people who don’t know what it is. How does that go?

Andrew: We’re going to save you money. Our competitors sell a hard kind of steel chamber that’s going to cost you possibly millions of dollars. We sell a portable, light weight version that’s going to save you actually time and money during this compliance testing stage.

Lia: You could be anywhere. Why do you choose the Rochester area?

Tim: there are a lot of great technology companies here in Rochester and we just happen to be one of those. There are a number of good engineering programs like RIT, U of R and we’re happy to have that potential employee base here to help us grow as we want to develop new products.

Lia: So perhaps students who are graduating from places like RIT could come to your company for an internship or a job in the future?

Tim: Absolutely. We’re in high growth mode right now so we’re always looking for new employees especially in the engineering field or sewing positions and other skilled trades.

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