BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — The police department is trying to make it easier for the community to provide feedback on how its officers are doing. 

On Wednesday, the department rolled out a new tool called CueHit. The system allows people to immediately let officers know how they did after interacting with them, whether it’s at the scene of a crash, responding to domestic violence or at an event.

Chief David Catholdi says they usually receive phone calls or cards from community members providing feedback or gratitude, but this new tool will allow people to contact them quickly after they meet them. 

“It’s targeted feedback versus a community survey where maybe quite frankly somebody took a survey or responded to a survey that have never had an interaction with the Brighton Police,” Catholdi said. 

So how does it work? You get a card that looks like the one pictured below. You scan the QR code and a message is sent to your phone that includes a survey. 

“This is just a more advanced way to do that. QR codes are on everything, you go to a fast food restaurant, or retail establishment, there are QR codes on everything, and I think if we can get direct and immediate feedback from the community, we can adjust if necessary,” Catholdi said. 

During the survey, you can rate your interactions with officers 1 through 5. 

“If the responses from the survey are under a 3, I believe it is, I will get an immediate notification and then it can set up tasks within the platform as well,” Catholdi said. 

If you’re a victim of a crime, you will get a crime victim’s card. Along with the survey, you’ll also be provided with information on how to obtain a copy of the report, the officer’s name, and the officer’s phone number. 

“The citizens will be able to create a task force to where we can reply back back to them to make sure are connecting back and circling back with the citizens to let them know how their case was and how it ended,” Catholdi said. 

The police department is hoping this new tool will help them make changes where needed, while also telling officers when their work is appreciated. 

“The other thing is you know, the policing profession is under a lot of criticism lately and I think this new tool or platform, will help show the officers on a dashboard that they can look at, they will get to see the positive feedback that they’re getting, not only individually but hopefully I can share that with the community as well,” Catholdi said. 

The Brighton Police Department is the only department in Monroe County so far using this new tool. 

Catholdi says in the future they are hoping to expand this tool so when people call 9-1-1, they will also get a link to a survey after hanging up the phone.