Bridge jumper lands on boat at Newport Beach

Bridge Jumper Lands on Boat_1532599847876.jpg.jpg

A stunt gone wrong at Newport Beach.

As CBSLA’s Tina Patel reports, a guy jumped off the Lido Island Bridge and slammed into a boat. A woman on that boat was injured but before she could do anything the jumper got away.

Video posted to social media shows a boy, possibly in his late teens, jump off a bridge onto the canopy of a boat passing underneath. The canopy buckled under his weight.

The woman who rented the boat was hit in the head but luckily only suffered minor injuries. She said the boy fell off into the water then before she could do anything he swam to shore and limped away.

“It looked intentional. I don’t want to say it was,” said Jake Leonardo, manager of the boat rental company OC Boat Rental. “I’m not going to put anyone’s actions, say someone’s actions were intentional. But it appears that way. It looks like he was trying to jump over the boat as a joke but either way it’s an unsafe situation for anybody.”

Harbor Patrol responded. They are looking into the incident. They don’t know if it could be considered assault since the teen might have been trying to jump over the boat but they are still trying to identify who the person is. 

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