WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) – Joshua Nodine was hoping to spend his birthday celebrating in Disney world but when COVID-19 postponed those plans, the day changed to a neighbor party, adapted to the new social distancing rules.

The celebration could be heard from blocks away, as cars, trucks, and even police put on a show in celebration Joshua Nodine’s birthday a 12- year old webster boy with cerebral palsy.

“I am so overwhelmed I think we all are,” said Jamie Nodine, Joshua’s mother.

This wasn’t the original plan for Joshua’s birthday.

“We were supposed to be on a plane. Josh was gifted a trip,” said Nodine.

The dream factory of Rochester was hoping to send the family to Disney World, but COVID-19 postponed those plans.

“I just wanted to do something to make his birthday good because he was so disappointed,” said Nodine.

The family turned to Facebook asking for help, soon the support started pouring in.

“So I’d be an event on Facebook for 50 people and it turned into something so much more. It’s overwhelming totally overwhelming,” said Nodine.

The family watched from their house as a parade of about 170 cars passed by, some with signs, some with balloons, all celebrating Joshua’s 12th birthday.

“I think right now we all need something heartwarming. Everybody’s been copped up, everybody wants to get out. And this was a great way for them to do it. And I’m so grateful that they came out in the rain and made signs and put balloons, it’s incredible it’s unbelievable,” said Nodine.

“I think we are grateful and overwhelmed and just so thrilled so thrilled that everybody participated,” said Nodine.

Joshua and his family are hoping to re-scheduled that trip after the COVOID-19 pandemic is over.