Binghamton Police Department testing out new restraint device

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Binghamton Police are testing out a new device to help avoid the use of lethal force. BPD and officers from other agencies took part in a demonstration for a new product called BolaWrap 100.

The BolaWrap is a hand-held remote device that fires a Kevlar cord designed to restrain someone who is not complying with an officer without causing pain.

BolaWrap Chief Strategy Officer Donald De Lucca said that these devices can be a massive help when dealing with someone with mental health problems.

He said this provides a way for officers to take control of a situation without using unnecessary force.

“The optics alone of us securing someone without causing pain,” De Lucca said. “Everything we do is witnessed or observed by others, we’re not causing pain we’re securing people. I believe this is going to give us a humane device to secure somebody. People say why didn’t you have this 10 or 15 years ago. I’ve been in law enforcement 33 years, I know this fills a gap in the tools we use.” 

BPD will be receiving two BolaWarp Devices free of charge to test.

The cost of additional devices is $925 per unit.

Binghamton Police Chief Joe Zikuski said if they are able to save one life they will be worth the investment.

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