CANANDAIGUA, NY (WROC) → Ready, set, go! Wait, mattresses?

For three years on the Canadaigua town pier, Family Promise of Ontario County has hosted this event . All to raise funds for the homeless… Along with celebrating their first year officially in business.

“We are an organization that is charged with having a safe place for homeless families in our community to lay their heads at night.,” says Kathleen Wagner of Family Promise. “And this is very symbolic of what we do 365 days of the year.”

Symbolism, yes. But mattress racing? Why?

“Well because it is quirky and fun!” Wagner says. “Because we want to know that we can have a lot of fun doing something and tackling something very serious.”

Though the beds are also symbolic, they are also creative. Teams made of businesses, civic organizations, or businesses, build carts with a mattress in the middle. A team pushes the cart, while someone rides in the middle. Ranging to the Presbyertian pirates, to a superhero family, to a mattress that really… Delivered.

“I’d say the most creative was the Bloomfield rotary as they were having a baby as they were going down the racetrack.”


Organizers often repeated that no one is a loser, just that some people are faster. But someone did win the final heat. First–time competitor Seager Marine. Their key to victory?

“Yes, actually the reason why is because I told them if we didn’t win, they’d all be fired…” joked co-owner of Seager Marine Peter Coons. “There’s a little bit of motivation in there… Youth. I’m going to go with youth, young legs here, and a light driver.”

There was also a “people’s choice” where people could donate and vote for their favorite mattress. And with total of nearly $60,000 raised – with $23,000 of that from just this year, this event shows that this recumbent race brings the community together.