ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10 — Hundreds of students from across New York made their way to Albany Thursday to fight for more funding for higher education.

Students packed a meeting room at the state Capitol to make their voices heard on higher education issues.

“I am tired of fighting against tuition hikes every year,” Timothy Hunter, CUNY University Student Senate Chair, said. “I am tired of fighting to fill the TAP Gap. I am tired of trying to fight for library hours that are longer. I am tired of having classes in crumbling facilities.”

One unified message among students was to make college more affordable.

“The under funding of public college in general in New York State is an enormous issue,” Tal Schwere, SUNY New Paltz student, said. “I have tons of friends that are going into tremendous debt and have to decide between paying for dinner or or paying for their textbooks, which is just an appalling thing to hear about.”

They also spoke with state lawmakers about the financial strain.

“We’re one of the wealthiest states in the country. There’s really no excuse for this,” Schwere said. “We’re here to urge our representatives to invest in SUNY, invest in New Yorkers, invest in people, invest in the kids.”

Earlier this session, members of United University Professions and other groups called for an increase in taxes targeted at “ultra wealthy” New Yorkers to raise revenue for higher education. Opponents, however, said that more taxes could result in more people leaving the state.