ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Beginning next year, license plates that are 10-years-old or more will need to start being replaced under a License Plate Replacement Program.

On Monday, the Governor’s Office unveiled five new official license plate designs for residents to vote on.

NYGOP Chair Nick Langworthy is calling the state’s 10-Year License Replacement Program “another cash grab.”

“I don’t see why people should be forced to trade in perfectly good non-peeling license plates and pay another $25,” Langworthy said.

Starting in April of 2020, when New Yorkers renew vehicle registrations, they’ll have to pay an additional $25 license plate replacement fee if their plates are at least 10 years old.

And, those who want to keep their same plate number will need to pay an extra $20 on top of  that.

Democrats have also hit back at the program. In a statement Senator David Carlucci said:

“A required fee to replace old license plates is arbitrary and does not in any way benefit drivers.”

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara tweeted:

A press release from the Governor’s Office says there are more than 3 million vehicles with plates 10 plus year old plates.

It also states “Because of their age, many of them are damaged, oxidized and peeling, making it difficult or impossible to read the license plate number.”

“They couldn’t get the license plates right originally. Now we gotta get all new license plates to replace ones that didn’t have peeling paint. I mean why?” Langworthy said.

If you have peeling plates, the DMV will exchange them for a new set of plates “free of charge.”

The DMV hasn’t gotten back to us yet about questions regarding the costs associated with the License Plate Replacement Program. If all 3 million vehicles’ plates were replaced at the $25 fee, that would total $75 million.