MACEDON, N.Y. (WROC) — A young couple in Macedon recently bought a home to start their family. Little did they know the house would already come with a family: a furry, fluffy and mainly orange family.

Before Emily Bott and her fiancé Dylan Loewke bought a home in Macedon, they were warned the home would come with some furry friends, four or five orange tabby cats to be exact. Turns out, they were in for a lot more than just a few strays.

“It turned out there was a lot more than just like a handful, there was more like 15 or 16. So we were a little overwhelmed. Not gonna lie,” Bott said.

Quickly, Bott made turning their new home into a home for 16+ cats her mission. As a former Rescue and Foster Coordinator at Lollypop farm, this came as second nature.

“It became like this whole journey,” Bott said. “And it’s been amazing ever since we immediately started thinking about making them a cat room since they didn’t have any like heated shelter at all.”

Not only has the couple created a special space for the cats stocked with food, heaters, treats, trees, and toys, they even took it upon themselves to spay and neuter all the cats.

“That was the most interesting process because we had like seven or eight of the have a heart traps and trying to catch them and then take them all to the Humane Society and then do it all over again. Now they’ve all experienced what the trapping was like. And they’re like, we’re not going in there again,” Loewke said.

Bott documents her cat farm adventures on Instagram and TikTok with over 145K followers collectively.

“It just kind of spiraled into all about the cats so wasn’t expecting it but we’re we love the support. It’s been amazing,” Bott said.

Bott plans on completely renovating the cat room this year, decked out with cat walks, beds, and heated floors.  

“Our cats are very, very spoiled right now. So anyone that’s like looking to donate, I definitely will push them towards other rescues or shelters to animals that maybe don’t have a home right now,” Bott said.

Bott plans on making a full-scale animal sanctuary later down the road. For now, she’s focusing on what she calls her “group of barn lions.”

You can follow Emily on her journey over on Instagram and TikTok @FreedomFarmhouse.