SPENCERPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — A local farmer has gone 12 days without one of his Angus cows. The 1,000-pound beef cow escaped as they were trying to move the other calves.

Henry Maier, one of the owners of H.A. Farms in Spencerport has been keeping cows for years. He never had a cow escape, but had heard from his friends that Angus cows were prone to escape. He detailed how the cow made a Herculean escape.

“I talked to a bunch of different people with the Angus breed, I guess they’re common to jump out and jump as high as seven feet or even higher if they want to. Just crazy cows,” he said. “There was no stopping her. She was just on a mission, and she had a place to go.”

After the cow escaped, and the team posted it on social media, various town and pet groups have been awash with sightings of the black cow. It has been nicknamed “The Spencerport Bandit,” “Houdini,” and others.

“She’s tough to get. And you can’t even walk 30 feet to her and she’s just gone,” he said. Maier adds the cow has been moving north, and has now been spotted in Greece.

Today’s rain has not helped in the search, as Maier says that cows tend to lay down in the rain, and rain may tamp down the smell that tracking dogs have been tracing.

While his farm is mainly known as a corn and vegetable producer, he sells some of these cows for money. So this exhaustive search is cutting into his bottom line.

“We’ll just say a lost cause right now,” he said. “(There’s a) guy that I’ve been hiring to come up to try to get in. He says it’s the worst cow that he ever tried to chase and she’s out of control. And he just doesn’t want to give up. He wants to get this cow as bad as I want to get it.”

He says that if you see the cow, to call 911 and give authorities its precise location.