ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The 19-day-old snow leopard cub at Seneca Park Zoo is recovering from a respiratory illness, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said Wednesday,.

“The little guy opened his eyes for the first time over the weekend,” Bello wrote on Facebook. “His respiratory illness has improved thanks to the care and treatment from staff.”

Bello said the cub is starting to eat better and he says zoo officials will share more progress updates as they become available.

The cub was born last month in the second litter from Timila, Seneca Park Zoo’s 4-year-old female snow leopard, and Kaba, the zoo’s 10-year-old male snow leopard.

Zoo officials said on the day it was born the animal was hypothermic and dehydrated and “the difficult decision to hand raise him was made.”