PERINTON, N.Y. (WROC) — A half dozen ducklings were reunited with their mother on Friday thanks to a couple of Perinton animal control officers.

When a mother hen mallard stationed herself next to a storm drain in Perinton for hours on Friday, a concerned resident called animal control officer Steve Pringle to help.

Pringle said when he arrived, he noticed six ducklings in the storm drain. He said they were tiny, maybe just a couple of days old. He said the ducklings were likely just walking along the side of the road and ended up in the drain.

“They don’t know any better and just one by one, just right out of a movie, just dropped in and the mother hen just waited there for town of Perinton animal control to come and do the job,” Pringle said.

He called another officer to help and they were able to remove the storm drain grates and the lid. They were able to remove each duckling one by one.

“We didn’t want to release them one at a time so we put them into a little carrier and once they were all in there we got the hen away from the road and released them all to her.”

He said they released them nearby into a safe spot in a yard. Pringle said these types of calls are unusual but fulfilling when they work out.

“I love being out here helping the residents and helping animals get back reunited it feels really good at the end of the day.”

Thanks to him, the mother hen mallard was back with her ducklings just in time for Mother’s Day.

Pringle said anyone who sees an animal they think needs help can call animal control at (585) 223-5115 or for after hours calls (585) 425-7380.