ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Seneca Park Zoo welcomed a new Masai giraffe to the zoo’s family!

County Executive Adam Bello announced that JD, a two-year-old male giraffe from the Wild Safari Park from Ohio, guided by the Association of Zoos.

JD got to the zoo on Wednesday as the Animals of the Savanna barn was closed to allow him to acclimate.

“With his arrival, we continue to celebrate the incredible diversity of wildlife on our planet and reaffirm the zoo’s commitment to conservation and education,” said Bello. “We look forward to watching JD grow and thrive in his new home.”

This announcement did not come that long after Bello said in September that the zoo is welcoming a new baby giraffe. In that announcement, he said that if all went well, they expect to meet the baby giraffe in a few weeks.

That announcement came after it was revealed that their other Masai giraffe Kipenzi was discovered to have a growth on her jaw, which was revealed to be cancer. This baby giraffe’s father, Parker, also passed away last February after getting caught in a gate enclosure.

Guests will be able to meet JD this Saturday, October 7.

Full Press Conference:

You can watch the full announcement from the Seneca Park Zoo and County Executive Bello in the video player above.