ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Seneca Park Zoo will be welcoming a baby giraffe sometime soon, according to Monroe County Executive Adam Bello.

Bello took to X Monday morning and said that Iggy, one of the giraffes at the Seneca Park Zoo, is pregnant. If this giraffe birth goes well, the zoo will be welcoming a new giraffe calf sometime in October. He added that giraffe births do carry significant risk.

“The keepers there are really just doing an incredible job taking care of these giraffes,” Bello said. “The fact that we’re having another baby is I think really exciting and it’s just another reason to come visit the Seneca Park Zoo.”

According to the Seneca Park Zoo, giraffes have a long gestation period of over 450 days. If the birth goes well, Parker the Giraffe’s legacy will live on for months after his passing.

This comes after the Seneca Park Zoo received the biopsy results for Kipenzi, one of the zoo’s giraffes. They revealed that Kipenzi had a growth on her jaw and later confirmed it to be cancer. Parker, the only adult male giraffe, was found dead earlier this year after he was caught in the enclosure’s gate.

Details are limited about this upcoming birth. Bello says that the Seneca Park Zoo will release more information soon.

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