ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The City of Rochester is reducing pet adoption fees at the Animal Services Center on Verona Street, effective immediately.

Through the end of the year, cat adoptions are $30 and dog adoptions are $50.

Cats are usually $100 at the shelter, and dogs usually go for between $147 and $177. The city says the discounts are necessary following a “pandemic pet” trend seen by shelters at a national level.

“Our community has stepped up in the past for our furry friends, and we are hoping to get the same level of support in the face of this capacity challenge,” said Dr. Shirley Green, the City’s Commissioner of the Department of Recreation and Human Services.

The city is also encouraging anyone interested in fostering a pet to reach out. A foster-to-adopt program is available to help find out if a pet is a good fit for your household. Click here for more information.