ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In honor of its 150th anniversary, Lollypop Farm announced that it will be teaming up with the Rochester Museum and Science Center on a challenge at the Inventor Center exhibit.

The new challenge, according to RMSC, is known as “Lollypop Farm: Adventures to Adoption.” The challenge is meant to educate guests on the work Lollypop Farm does, namely animal care and adoption.

In the animal care portion of the challenge, participants will use real-life examples of X-ray pictures and samples to diagnose stuffed animals with health issues, such as ear mites and bladder stones.

In the adoption portion, participants will be tasked with matching different animals with different living environments. They will be given information on both the animal’s personality and the conditions of the environment in order to make a perfect match.

“The team at Lollypop Farm was a fantastic partner to work with,” says RMSC’s Director of Exhibits Calvin Uzelmeier. “From initial brainstorming about a fun visitor experience that would engage audiences with their work, to the creation of content so that the experience is as engaging and accurate as possible, they brought their unique expertise and passion to each aspect of the project.”

The “Adventures to Adoption” challenge will be open to the public on Tuesday, October 17. Kids and families will be able to partake in the challenge until June 2024.