ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A Carlton woman was sentenced after an investigation into the case of 10 neglected horses, according to Lollypop Farm.

69-year-old Elaine Bute has been sentenced to a one-year conditional discharge during which she will not be allowed to own horses. She also must pay restitution to Lollypop Farm for caring for the horses.

According to Lollypop Farm, in July 2022, they were called to the property after Orleans County Animal Control received reports that the horses were kept in poor condition. Investigators said a thin, Palomino horse was standing in a few feet of manure with overgrown hooves.

After searching the property, Lollypop Farm Humane Law Enforcement officers found 10 horses living in different areas of the property. Some were covered in feces and kept in stalls with manure and old straw, while others were thin and had overgrown hooves. None of them had enough access to water.

“While there is little comfort in that this person will not be able to hurt another horse for a time, it is demonstrative of the need for stronger laws and harsher consequences in the face of animal abuse and neglect,” said Humane Law Enforcement VP Reno DiDomenico.

The horses were seized on July 26, 2022. Three of them had to be euthanized, two of them resulting from neglect. Most of the other horses were adopted and one is in foster care.

Lollypop Farm is encouraging anyone who has witnessed or suspected animal cruelty to call (585)-223-6500.