ATTICA, N.Y. (WROC) — Attica police officials say a Nile monitor lizard that escaped its owner is dead after being struck by a vehicle Thursday.

According to police, on July 29, while a resident was moving out of his apartment his 4 and a half foot Nile monitor lizard escaped its cage.

“While attempting to recapture the reptile the lizard climbed over 100 feet into a tree near the apartment building. Several attempts were made to recapture the lizard without success. The owner and animal control set several live traps to recapture the animal again without success,” officials said in a statement.

Attica police said Friday the lizard was fatally struck by a vehicle Thursday.

According to police, the driver then loaded the lizard onto his truck and took it home with him and put the lizard in the freezer. Officials say the man was told by a friend that the lizard had been on the news recently and was reported missing. That’s when the truck driver called Attica police and surrendered the deceased reptile to them.

Police say the driver will not be charged.