Meet Midas, a kitten from Turkey born with four ears


(CBS) — Midas, the kitten, is not your ordinary cat. That’s because the 4-month-old has an extra set of ears. 

The four-eared feline was born in Ankara, Turkey. She was part of a litter of seven but was the only one with four ears.

Because of Midas’ unique genetic condition, a kind human named Canis adopted her. Canis figured that the kitty might otherwise have trouble finding a home.

And she reportedly fell in love with Midas at first sight.

Midas seems to be making herself right at home in a household that already has two golden retrievers. And as for the name, Midas? It comes from Greek mythology, where King Midas had long, donkey ears. 

According to her vet, all of Midas’ ear flaps connect to her auditory canal. And her unique feature doesn’t affect her hearing or overall health. 

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