ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Back in March, News 8 brought you the original story of Emily Bott and Dylan Loewke, a Macedon couple who bought a property that came with 16 furry, fluffy, and mainly orange cats, or as Emily likes to call them, her barn lions.

“It just kind of spiraled into all about the cats so wasn’t expecting it but we love the support. It’s been amazing,” Bott said.

The couple took the cats in as their own, creating a cat room decked out with cozy blankets, scratching posts, and plenty of treats. Since our visit with Freedom Farmhouse at the beginning of the year, they have completely remodeled, creating an even better sanctuary for their furry friends.

“We decided to make the cats their very own condo or Cat House temporarily. We are in the process of putting an addition on our house, which is going to include a fully renovated heated cat room for them,” Bott said.

The ‘barn lion’ experience has been illustrated on Bott’s Instagram page with over 148,000 followers, inspiring her to take on an even bigger challenge.

“We’re kind of in the very beginning stages of kind of like really starting our farm sanctuary,” Bott said.

You would be surprised to learn there is a person even more ambitious than Bott herself, and that’s her fiancé Dylan Loewke who has been supporting her the entire way.

“We would definitely love maybe like next summer to start…” Bott began to say. Loewke chimed in with, “We’ll double the size. New colony out here. Old Colony in there.”

The couple is already making progress on their farm sanctuary dreams by taking in two rescue donkeys.

“We do really want to bring in maybe like pigs and goats and chickens and ducks and all that,” Bott said. “Maybe a cow,” Loewke added.

However, to be able to fund all the cats, the two donkeys, and all the future animals they hope to rescue, they need a little help.

“We teamed up with the brand ‘Make Ship.’ They make a bunch of plushies for like content creators. And for us, we are going to be using our portion of the proceeds towards really starting our farm sanctuary and helping grow and hopefully getting officially registered within the next year,” Bott explained.

So, if you’ve ever wanted a barn lion for yourself, now you have the chance. The fundraiser is running until December 30.