ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A Masai Giraffe calf was born at the Seneca Park Zoo Friday, a first in the zoo’s history.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said the calf was nursing and appeared to be in good health Friday afternoon. The Animals of the Savanna building at the zoo will be closed for a number of days so the animals are not disturbed by crowds.

The mother giraffe, Iggy, has been at the zoo since 2018. She came to Rochester from the Virginia Zoo. The father, Parker, also lives at the zoo. Kipenzi, the zoo’s other female adult giraffe, rounds out the zoo’s tower — as a group of giraffes is called.

“I know this is a day our Keepers, Curators and support team have been waiting on for many months now and have worked hard to make this event a success,” Monroe County Parks Director Patrick Meredith said in a statement sent out. “We know these next few days and weeks are critical in the success of the birth and they have been preparing for this for some time now. Congratulations to them and also to the new giraffe parents! We all wish them well and hope that parenting for the giraffe comes natural to them.”