Amazon offering cable and internet services

ICYMI: Social on 8’s top stories for Tuesday:
  • Amazon launched the Amazon Cable store as a partnership with Comcast. The online store also sells packages from other providers.
  • Apple released a smaller and more powerful iPad Pro and a smaller 4-inch iPhone. Apple also dropped the price of its apple watch by $50 and updated its iOs. 
  • Fisher-price came out with this concept video that wonders what the future of parenting will look like.
  • Specialized Easter eggs have been designed with alert sounds so that blind children can find them in egg hunts.
  • The Firefly Communicator allows users to mimic the light patterns of fireflies, attracting them with the push of a button. It is now raising money on Kickstarter.
  • The Oombrella is a smart umbrella that can tell you when it’s going to rain, and when you leave it behind! It is also raising money on Kickstarter.
  • Dagger, a 3-year-old lab-golden mix and former therapy dog, has taken up painting for various dog charities.

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