Adam Interviews movie producer from Brighton


Seth Hymes, a Brighton grad, has produced his first film, 20+ years after dreaming of it in high school

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) — It took Seth Hymes two decades after graduating from Brighton High School to realize his dream of producing a full-length movie.

That film, Wally Got Wasted, is now available through Amazon Prime Video.

It will be screened at Cinema Theater in Rochester on Saturday at 7 pm.

Hymes talked with Adam about the project and how streaming services have opened up opportunities to aspiring filmmakers.

Adam: You said when you were at Brighton you did some filming. Did you know then you wanted film to be part of your life?

Hymes: When I was 17 and started making videos in high school I knew. “I was like, Can you do this for a living?” I found out, yes, you can.

Adam: You said this is your first major film. How did you keep the spark alive in order to make this 20 to 23 years after you graduated from high school?

Hymes: I had given up on my dream until I met my business partner, Adam, who’s my best friend, and he still had all the passion that I had kind of misplaced and reignited that and I never had a partner before and we wrote the script together and it was perfect because he’s really good at structure and I hate that and I’m really good at dialogue and writing scenes so he would just say write this scene, write that scene and I would just write it and it was just done.

Adam: What do you think about the end product, Wally Got Wasted?

Hymes: I’m very proud of it. It was shot on a very low budget, probably less than the catering budget on most Hollywood movies, but it looks like a studio movie. We had a lot of small miracles happen to make this movie happen on a very small budget.

Adam: It must be nice for producers like you who now have outlets like Amazon, like Netflix and you don’t have to go big budget to get it out there…

Hymes: This wasn’t possible 10 or 15 years ago where your movie could be watched by people all over the planet.

Adam: Where do you go from here?

Hymes: I’m going to promote Wally Got Wasted, I want millions of people to see it and then I have 4 scripts ready to go. I learned so much from doing this I’d like to make the next movie.

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