WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — The emergency isn’t over yet.

The City of Watertown woke up with good news on October 20; the major water line that shut off the entire water supply was fixed.

Watertown reopened its water treatment plant early Friday morning and water began to flow through pipes. According to Watertown Mayor Jeff Smith residents and businesses should have water.

“Some will have better pressure than others,” Smith said. “They should boil water for at least the next two to three days.”

Emergency boil water advisories are in effect throughout the city. Everyone is also asked to conserve as much water as possible during this time.

However, Smith said it’s going to be a slow and careful process as crews pressurize the system and flow water back up to the City’s reservoirs in Thompson Park.

“We’re slowly filling that and hoping there’s no other breaks,” Smith explained. “But we’re anticipating and expecting the worst-case scenario that there will probably be some breaks. We just don’t know where or if there will.”

Water distribution sites will remain open over the weekend. The Watertown Fairgrounds will have bottled water through 5 p.m. on Friday and potable water on Saturday and Sunday.

Watertown City Manager Ken Mix also confirmed to ABC50 that Mayor Jeff Smith has “gone out of town” for the weekend.

This water emergency is expected to extend through the weekend.