ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — On the heels of Governor Kathy Hochul’s announcement declaring November Puerto Rican Heritage Month, one SUNY institution is now helping Puerto Rican students finish their education.

SUNY Empire State College, headquartered in Saratoga Springs, is offering students from Puerto Rico in-state tuition for all undergraduate and graduate programs.

The move comes as the island continues to struggle with economic woes given the devastation left behind from several natural disasters. Most recently, from hurricanes Fiona and Ian…

SUNY Empire’s president Lisa Vollendorf, President of SUNY Empire State, says it’s a way for students to continue their education, while also helping folks back home.

“The Puerto Rican population — which is significant in the state, as you know, goes back and forth between the island and the state,” Vollendorf said. “People are really looking for ways to achieve their college dreams while also being in service to their community, whether the community is here in New York, or in the Island.”

Vollendorf also said SUNY Empire recognizes their unique position in New York — being the only public online institution allowing them to accomplish their goals — to expand accessibility for those near and far.