ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — With the state budget deadline almost here lawmakers are pushing for an increase in funding for child care services across New York.

Two state lawmakers from our area, Senator Samra Brouk and Assemblymember Sarah Clark, joined several non-profits and parents Thursday, calling for the governor to ensure that the necessary funding is provided to make these services more affordable.

“This moment we’re in right now is the culmination of decades and decades of work,” said Sen. Brouk. “Of advocates and families and some leaders, mostly a lot of mothers, fighting for our government to put our children & our families first.”

They say it is essential to allow parents to be a part of the labor force while ensuring their child is under proper supervision.

“This is an economic venture. This is an economic block. This is infrastructure,” said Assemblymember Clark.

The budget proposals from the State Senate, Assembly, and the governor all contain significant funding for childcare.