ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — There is a chance state lawmakers could be back in Albany before January.

“With respect to a special session, certainly I’m entertaining all of our options right now. We are working closely with the mayor,” said Governor Kathy Hochul on Thursday.

This is something New York State Republicans want in order to further address the asylum seeker situation.

Republican Senator, Jim Tedisco, is sponsoring legislation that would require New York City to give advance notice and get approval from communities before relocating migrants.

“I think it should be a choice up to the elected officials by the constituents in that community,” said Tedisco. “And I really hope that what they don’t do is to try to provide an unconditional mandate to take control of local autonomy on this.”

Tedisco announced Utica’s Democratic Assemblymember, Marianne Buttenshon, will be sponsoring this bill as well. It’s quite different from what Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar is sponsoring.

“The first one prohibits counties across New York State from refusing migrants, and the second bill sets up a state coordinator of migrant response,” explained Rajkumar.

She said that the coordinator would be chosen by both the New York City mayor and the governor to manage things such as housing, healthcare, and employment. The assemblywoman would also like to see a special session held.

The governor told reporters that the answer to solving this issue comes from the federal government. Jamie DeLine was told that Governor Hochul had a productive call with the White House Chief of Staff on Thursday about the situation.