ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Governor Hochul addressed New Yorkers on the recent influx of asylum seekers in New York.

Governor Hochul explains that the state will not force other parts of New York to shelter migrants nor will they force migrants to move around the state against their will, adding she believes that it’s imperative to help the arrival of people seeking asylum.

Hochul also announced that she sent a letter to President Biden to request expedited work authorization for migrants, financial support, more federal facilities for temporary shelters, and reimbursement for the cost of the National Guard.

In addition, it was announced that the NYS Dept. of Labor will launch a program to place asylum seekers in jobs when they are able to work. Hochul also ordered the Dept. of Labor to connect them to potential employers.

This announcement comes after ten families from Uzbekistan, Ecuador, and Venezuela arrived at the Holiday Inn on State Street. A total of 40 asylum seekers arrived at the hotel, with 22 of those individuals being children.

Before that, 77 asylum seekers arrived at the hotel from New York City, with several families returning back to NYC the following week.

Due to the influx, County Executive Adam Bello requested aid from the National Guard, which he received. Members of the National Guard were sent to assist with the circulation of legal documents and the distribution of food and water.

In Erie County, it was announced that two asylum seekers were allegedly involved in two separate cases of sexual assault. County Executive Mark Poloncarz announced that no asylum seekers will be sent to Western New York until security efforts improve. Hochul also sent the National Guard there as well.

Governor Hochul will be speaking at 12 p.m. Thursday afternoon.