Editor’s Note: You can watch the full press conference in the video player at the bottom of this article.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Governor Hochul delivered an update on public safety in Rochester on Wednesday at the annual Project Exile Community Report & Breakfast.

In Rochester, Hochul says that murders and violent crime have gone down. Although she notes that the city had some of the highest numbers of auto thefts in the nation, she says the community has stepped up.

“What offended me the most, was these cars were old Kias and Hyundais, these were people that don’t have a lot of money, and this could be their only vehicle, driving a ten-year-old Kia to get to their job as a grocery store clerk. You take away that vehicle, you take away their livelihood.”

She said that the city and community leaders used all the opportunities they could to combat these crimes. She added that they are laser-focused on fighting this crime so people won’t be fearful just walking down the street.

In addition to Hochul, the breakfast also featured RPD Chief David Smith, Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter, Attorney Trini Ross of the US Attorney’s Office, and County Executive Adam Bello — all of whom provided insight into what they have contributed to Project Exile.

The mission of the Project Exile initiative is to reduce illegal guns and gun violence in the Rochester community. Their community breakfast is an opportunity for local, state, and federal officials to provide updates.

Full Address from Governor Hochul

You can watch the full live-stream of Governor Hochul at the breakfast in the video player above.