ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN)— The governor vetoed more than 30 bills that would have created and extended various commissions and task forces because they cost the state too much money.

This included the limo safety task force, which was made up of state agency leaders, business owners, and family members who lost loved ones. It provided recommendations to the state as to how to make limos safer. However, the bills that would have made their recommendations law, didn’t pass both houses.

Now, the governor is endorsing those bills as a part of The Stretch Limousine Passenger Safety Act which includes:

• Requiring a minimum $10,000 fine for operating a suspended limo and seizure of license plates.

• Requiring limos be equipped with enhanced safety features: window break tools, fire extinguishers, and roll-over protection.

• Prohibiting the operation of a limousine that is over 10 years old or has milage exceeding 350,000 miles, whichever is first.

“Hopefully we’re going to be able to put together another set of bills that will deal with the issues that the original task force brought forward,” said Bill Magnarelli, Assembly Transportation Chair.

Magnarelli said he’d like to sponsor the governor’s program bill.

David Brown, owner of Premiere Transportation and limo task force member, shared his thoughts about it.

“What the Governor’s put forward, we agree with,” said Brown. “There are some things tough that we would like to be held to an equal standard as the bus industry.”

Senator Jim Tedisco is disappointed about the veto, saying the task force should have had a chance to further look into the Inspector General’s Report. He’d like a legislative hearing to be held.

“Bring the IG in, ask the questions we would’ve had our task force members ask,” said Tedisco. “So we can get to the bottom of this.”

The governor is calling for the laws to be passed. Whether it happens in the state budget or separately remains to be seen.