NEW YORK (WROC) — Governor Kathy Hochul signed new legislation Wednesday, requiring state airports to provide breastfeeding accommodations for new parents.

Under the new law, airports will be required to establish a space for breastfeeding away from public view. The governor hopes the bill builds on actions taken in New York to support new mothers.

“One of the biggest challenges for new parents is finding a space to feed their children,” Hochul said. “This is a fight that many have had to deal with for many years, and only recently have they been able to secure the rights and accommodations that they deserve. By signing this into law, we will continue to make New York a better place to safely and securely raise young children.”  

According to the governor’s office, airports will need to have lactation accommodations behind the airport security screening area.

A complete list of airport locations that will need to make these accommodations is expected to be released at a future point by the governor.