ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — New York residents will be able to file taxes for free next year thanks to a new partnership with Code for America and the IRS.

It’s part of a limited pilot program which will allow New York, Arizona, California, and Massachusetts to merge their state e-filing process with the IRS’s federal E-filing tools.

“New York is taking a major step toward modernizing our tax system and making it even easier for New Yorkers to access their tax benefits,” Governor Kathy Hochul said in a statement released Tuesday. “No one should have to navigate complex processes or pay out of their own pocket to file their taxes, and starting next year, we’re equipping New Yorkers with a new, innovative, free tool to give taxpayers more choices to file.”

According to the governor’s office, eligible residents will be able to electronically file state and federal tax returns for free starting in 2024. Eligibility requirements have not yet been determined.

The e-filing tool is being developed by the tech nonprofit Code for America.