ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Under new law signed by Monroe County Executive Adam Bello Friday, volunteer first responders can now get a property tax exemption of 10%.

To receive the exemption for the 2022 tax year, volunteer firefighters and ambulance personnel must apply by March 1st. Eligible members can fill out this application and return it to an accessor office.

According to county officials, the tax exemption is available to residents who have served for at least two years at an incorporated volunteer fire company, fire department or incorporated voluntary ambulance service.

Volunteers who have accrued more than 20 years at an active service are eligible for a permanent 10% tax break for their primary residence within Monroe County.

If a couple volunteers together as first responders, they can both qualify for this incentive and receive 20% off their property taxes.

Along with Monroe County, the Town of Penfield approved the property tax exemption for volunteer firefighters Thursday, under similar guidelines.

“Our volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel selflessly serve our community every day, sacrificing time with their own families and often putting their own lives at risk to help keep others safer and healthier,” Bello said. “Honoring their generosity and public spirit with this exemption is the right thing to do.”

The newly-signed law was made possible by legislation put forward by Governor Kathy Hochul that allows entities within Monroe County to enact exemption to volunteers.

Officials say the exemption of tax only applies to Monroe County property tax.