ROCHESTER N.Y. (WROC) — As warm weather arrives, a concerning sight for neighbors in the city is back. Dirt bikes and ATVs, and not all riders are following the rules.

Dirt bikes and ATVs in recent days have been more prominent out in Rochester, prompting renewed calls for a crackdown on riders breaking the law.

Not long ago, lawmakers in Monroe County passed a new law creating a list of penalties for those caught illegally driving off-road vehicles on public roads.

Under the law, police may immediately impound any dirt bikes, ATVs, or other off-road vehicles being illegally operated on public roads. Impound penalties are set at $500 for the first offense and $2,000 for each following offense.

City Council President Miguel Melendez says he’s looking at ways to address the issue as warmer weather approaches.

“As the weather breaks I think there is always a strategy to try to address the issue of dirt bikes, ATVs, etc. This year will be no different than last year in terms of coming up with a strategy to make sure we have something in place to reduce the amount of dirt bikes that are hitting the streets,” says Melendez.

The law also requires ATV operators and riders to wear helmets. It was already illegal under state law to drive a mini-bike, dirt bike, go-kart, or golf cart on public streets in New York.

Last April, law enforcement seized 39 off-road vehicles and gave out more than 60 tickets.