ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County announced that 51 individuals seeking asylum arrived at the Holiday Inn on State Street late Monday evening.

Much like the other asylum seekers, this new group came from New York City and is settled at the hotel. In total, there are 12 families in this group — seven from Venezuela, three from Ecuador, one from Jamaica, and another from Haiti.

Among the group are 23 adults and 28 children whose primary languages are English and Spanish.

Near the beginning of August, 77 asylum seekers arrived via bus to the Holiday Inn, which filed an emergency housing plan with the Department of Human Services. After that, 40 more asylum seekers arrived at that hotel. Some families opted to return to New York City.

Members of the National Guard were sent to the hotel to help circulate documentation and to distribute food and water.

For those looking to help the asylum seekers living in Rochester, you can check out where to donate and volunteer by clicking here.