ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Wednesday marks the start of both New York State and Monroe County’s effort to save residents money at the pump by capping the sales tax on gasoline.

The move follows legislative action that was passed back in April to relieve wallets amid record-high inflation numbers, both nationally and statewide.

It won’t last forever. The cap is temporary, scheduled to last through December 1st of this year unless it gets extended by local or state officials.

What it means for drivers is they will be taxed at the level collected if gas was $2 a gallon. That saves around 8 cents per gallon if today’s gas cost comes to around 4 dollars per gallon.

There’s more in savings, however, as the local and state gas tax will work together for a combined five dollars per quarter through the end of the year.

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced New York State will cut state gas taxes by 16 cents a gallon earlier in April and asked county executives to enact similar measures.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello voiced support for the legislation during a press conference around two months ago, saying no one should have to choose between food, child care, or a full tank.

“Right now our sales tax county-wide is running well above what we projected for the year in part for these inflationary measures so what we’re seeing is a cap at 8 cents, taxing at 2 dollars, we think this could save taxpayers 5 million dollars per quarter,” Bello said. But even with that savings, our sales tax receipts are well above what was projected so far for this year.”

In the days that follow, residents and lawmakers will have a chance to monitor whether the legislation is a savings boost or bust. As of Tuesday, May 31, the national average for gasoline is sitting at $4.65 per gallon, an increase from $3.05 per gallon compared to last year.

According to AAA, Rochester residents currently face an average price of $4.89 at the pump. That figure was increased by a single cent since last week.